Popular Medical Supplies For You To Use At Home

Whether you’re faced with a grazed knee or something more serious and permanent, you want to make sure that you’re well prepared in your own home.

Below are the top five medical supplies for you to have in your home to ensure you remain safe and comfortable.

Bandages and Gauzes

Bandages and gauzes are generally the staple to most medical kits. They’re useful to have at home along with plasters in case of a more serious injury that needs more padding against it as they are a useful way to keep this in the correct position. They are also useful in that they provide support to an injured limb and ensure cuts are kept clean. If you suspect serious damage or have weeping wounds however, always go to the hospital.


Alarms for your home are very useful, particularly if you are elderly and living alone. This means that should you have an accident, a friend or family member will be alerted by you pressing a panic button which tends to be placed at hip and floor height around the house. This means that there will be someone who can assist you if you need it, giving both you and your family peace of mind.

Medication Dispensers

These are particularly useful if you are on a variety of types of medication, ensuring that you do not take too much or too little of what you need to be taking. These are useful if you are forgetful or simply want the peace of mind that you are taking the right things.

Bed Pans and Commodes

Bed pans and commodes are particularly useful medical supplies if you are dealing with someone with limited mobility. While not everyone will have the need for these in their home, if you have someone who struggles to move, it may be easier for both you and them to look into investing in these. A commode is probably the more favorable option all round but bed pans can be easily stored away if not in use.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Having your own blood pressure monitor at home can be very useful, particularly if this is a concern for you. This means that you can check your blood pressure for yourself regularly and will then know if something out of the ordinary is going on. This is useful as it can give you an indication of whether you need to go to hospital to be checked over or not, avoiding any unnecessary trips. While not everyone needs one of these in their home, if blood pressure is an issue for you, then these are definitely worth the investment.