Pre-pubescent puberty becoming common in 10 year old girls

A growing amount of girls are now starting puberty before they reach the age of ten, which has increased the fear that the new generation of children will engage in sexual activity at a younger age.

Scientists believe that early puberty may be caused by a combination of chemical exposure in foods as well as the increase in obesity, which also is increasing the risk of breast cancer among women.

The study performed in Denmark of 2006, found that breast development in a sample group of 1,000 girls started at around age nine and ten months, which is a year earlier than when the same study was performed in 1991.

Although the research was focused on Denmark, experts who have looked at the study believe the trend is the same across Europe and in Britain.  There is also additional data from America that points to early puberty in many females.

Scientists have warned that girls of this age are not equipped to cope with sexual development which is easy to see as the girls are still in primary school.

Head of the Department of Growth and Reproduction at the University hospital, Anders Juul, stated that they are surprised to see that there has been such a large change in only 15 years.

Juul went on to say that when girls mature early they start to experience teenage problems at a very young age causing not only emotional problems, but also an increase in the chance of developing diseases later on in life.