Problems that come along when the sun is shining

If you suffer from hay fever, you can know the problems associated with a large amount of allergenas in the air. As the spring comes in, plants start creating a great deal of pollen, and this can make it a misery to go outside for some people.

Unfortunately, a recent report from the Health Protection Agency, has stated that the hayfever season in the UK could be extended. They expect that this is due to climate change that has been taking place globally.

In addition to an extended hayfever season, climate change is also going to cause more heat related deaths in the summer, as well as more people suffering from asthma.

These are just some of the conditions that are going to be seen if we don’t attempt to tackle climate change, and it is estimated that the depletion of the ozone layer is going to cause a great deal of ultraviolet light to reach the surface of the planet. This could cause a greater amount of skin disease, such as skin cancer.

It is estimated that over the next 70 years, the mean temperature in the UK is going to rise from between two degrees Celsius to five degrees Celsius. Although this change might seem rather small, it is going to mean that heatwaves become more common, and it is more likely that various tropical diseases will reach the shores of the UK.

Additionally, there is going to be less rain in summer, which can be a problem for food production and crops. Deaths from heat are expected to be one of the main problems, with an increase of around 2000 deaths per year by 2080.