Professor says mephedrone ban should have been quicker

Professor of chemistry at the Belfast Queen’s University, John Mann, stated that mephedrone should have been banned sooner, after it was found that 27 people in the UK may have died from its use.  The street names for the drug are ‘miaow miaow’ and ‘plant food’.

Mann, stated that the dangers associated with the drug could have been widely published sooner since it is chemically similar to other drugs.

People who use the Somali drug khat, are openly known to have trouble with impotence, which should have been detected earlier as mephedrone is a close structural relative of cathinone, which is one of the most psychoactive ingredients of khat.

Mann added that mephedrone is also chemically related to amphetamines which are limited to use only as controlled substances due to their known dangers.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced that mephedrone will be banned along with substances that are similar to it on Monday, with the law likely to go into effect by April 16th.

On Thursday, a report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs was released.

In England there are 18 deaths that are linked to mephedrone, one in Wales and Northern Ireland, and seven in Scotland.

The report revealed that users of the drug tend to be younger compared to those that use ecstasy and cocaine and are most often in their 20s or teens.  It also stated that police have problems testing accurately for mephedrone use.