Tips for quitting smoking as No Smoking Day approaches

The UK smoking ban was introduced four years ago, with the aim of making life so difficult for smokers to encourage them to quit. As we approach this year’s “No Smoking Day’, what is evidence to suggest whether this has really worked.

The rate if giving up seems to have fallen. Statistics from the NHS Information Centre show that 19,473 fewer smokers had managed to kick the habit in the latest year compared with 2007/08. The number of pregnant women who successfully stopped smoking also dropped, falling 12% to 8,641. However, compared with the year the smoking ban was introduced in 2006/07, the latest data still shows 71,000 more people tried to quit over the past year and 17,000 more people were successful.

This year’s ‘No Smoking Day’ campaign theme, Break free, helps, acknowledges that No Smoking Day is the time for smokers to break free from their smoking habit and escape their chains of addiction. The following video provides some useful assistance with some top tips on stopping smoking.