Recovering After a Gastric Band Operation

Guest Post
In Britain, obesity has become a growing health problem for many people. With so many people suffering from with obesity problems, many opt for different kinds of weight loss procedures. Many obese people will be advised by medical professionals to consider a gastric band procedure to reduce their body weight.

Nevertheless, a gastric band procedure is just the beginning on a path to a healthy and happy life. The weight loss results will have to be maintained and in order to do this an individual will have to eat a healthy balanced diet and make sure they participate an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

As the stomach is reduced dramatically, the individual will no longer be able to eat the same sized portions they did before the operation. Every meal counts and should contain nutrients and vitamins the body needs to fight disease, repair muscle and grow.
Five Healthy Tips You Should Consider After A Gastric Band Operation…
Move those feet

Walking is a perfect exercise for someone recovering from a weight loss operation. It is not too strenuous and you can walk for a long period of time without really noticing the distance you have covered. This is great for burning calories and can be done when going to the local shops or walking the dog.


The types of foods you eat are so important for you to maintain the weight loss results after surgery. Liquids with a high nutritional value are recommended during the primary stages after surgery. Try eating foods that have a low calories count and are packed with a healthy abundant of vitamins and nutrients.

Chew more

This may sound a little odd, but research has found that the longer you chew your food, the brain thinks that you are eating more than you actually are and feel full up quicker. This trick is an old one and will stop those unwanted cravings from returning.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure you hydrate your body with liquid. A recommended amount would be around 2.5 pints a day. This is advised throughout the day and alongside meals.

Part of Your 5 a Day

Make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables. Did you know that all fruit and vegetables can be included in your five a day portion? During the early stages after surgery you could liquidise your fruit in the form of smoothies to make sure you get your daily recommended amount.

Emotional Eating

Many people eat for many different reasons. Some people eat because they feel sad or find that it provides a comfort to fill out the void in their life.

Recognising why we eat is half the battle and by getting to the emotional side of eating we can then defeat the physical side of eating.

If you know you will overeat during certain periods of time, like in the evenings or after work when you are too tired to prepare a meal, make a note and make sure you have healthier alternatives close at hand. Remember, you should start these healthy recovery steps after 2 weeks.

Closing Words….

A gastric band provides an individual with quick weight loss results. But this is only a small part of your weight loss journey. Diet, exercise and aftercare are just as important as the surgery and many people need to realise this if they are to maintain their new figure. If you feel that you are interested in having cosmetic surgery then you must realise that surgery is only the beginning.