Removing unwanted tattoos: what are your options?

Whether it’s an ex-girlfriend’s name on your bicep or the embarrassment of a skull and cross bones across your heart – there are plenty of reasons why people choose to have a tattoo removed.

It might be due to a change in circumstances, a change in perspective or just the wisdom that comes with older age, but the good news is that if you want a tattoo removed there are options available for you.

With advances in technology, laser tattoo removal treatment is now a safe and effective procedure to rid you of unwanted tattoos.

Here’s a look at what the procedure involves and whether it’s worth it in the long run.

Why do people choose to have tattoos removed?

Tattoos are a highly personal expression of taste, opinions and interests. Like all things in life, these tastes develop and progress over time. What a person might have been passionate about in their early twenties no longer seems as important in their late thirties.

Also, individual circumstances can often change. Some new mothers might not want to encourage their own children into getting tattoos, while job seekers often realise highly visible tattoos can create a negative image during interviews.

What options are available for tattoo removal?

There are several treatment options available for tattoo removal, many with mixed results. Things to take into consideration when electing the right treatment for you, include the size, the colour and the density of the tattoo.

Many people elect to have their tattoos burnt or cut away from the skin. Burning and incisions are often extremely painful and leave in their wake visible scarring to the tattooed area.

One of the least effective methods is using tattoo removal creams, which often take away only small sections of the tattoo.

One of the newest and most successful methods of getting rid of unwanted body ink is laser tattoo removal treatment.

This method is easy, completely free of harm and most importantly, it’s highly effective. It involves light-producing lasers that pass through the patient’s skin, break up the tattoo ink into smaller sections, which are disposed of via your immune system.

Does it hurt?

A light, stinging sensation isn’t uncommon during a laser tattoo removal procedure. However this is easily alleviated with the use of a local anesthetic applied to the area.

The skin can also experience some darkening, though this disappears over time.

Is it worth it?

The answer to this question really depends on personal choice. However, if a tattoo is impacting upon your confidence, your options or your comfort in life, then there are removal options available for you. Arguably, laser tattoo removal is the most effective method currently on the market. It offers a safe and effective option, and is relatively affordable in exchange for a lifetime of tattoo-free satisfaction.