Renowned self help book for cancer patients released in the UK

Fontaine Press have just announced that they are launching their support book for cancer patients entitled “Life, Happiness and Cancer: How to Survive with Attitude and Action” in the UK. The book is by Phil Kerslake, a remarkable man who has beaten cancer 7 times.

Phil is Welsh by birth but is now living in New Zealand and his book was named best in its category by respected body the Cancer Society Medical Director.

Phil wrote Life, Happiness and Cancer for those cancer patients who are seeking both information and tools to assist them in their cancer battle so they can move towards a successful journey of recovery. Caregivers, family and friends of cancer patients can also get help from the book in their ongoing support of the sufferer. Leading oncologists across the globe have acknowledged Phil’s book as being a valuable resource that fully complements conventional advice and treatments.

Perhaps Australasia’s most prolific speaker to cancer patient and medical forums about coping with cancer for best outcomes, Kerslake has gained international recognition for his work, awarded a global Re-Building Lives Award in Vienna, Austria in 2007, and appointed an International Hero of Hope in 2011 by the American Cancer Society.

Within Life, Happiness… & Cancer, the 54-year-old Uncle of Classical Brit Nominee and UK breast cancer campaigner Camilla Kerslake, shows the reader from first-hand experience and his extensive enquiry over decades how to use action and attitude to support cancer recovery.

Readers will learn:

– To cope with a cancer battle as they never thought they could
– What being “a fighter” really means
– What being an “active patient” involves in practice
– To turn faith and hope into verbs and wishes into actions
– To create a life with more joy, balance, meaning and fulfilment

Life, Happiness… & Cancer is already a best-seller, with thousands of copies sold in New Zealand, Australia, Poland and Africa. The book was identified by the African Medical and Research Foundation as a valuable training and reference resource for health care professionals on the African Continent.

The Cancer Council Australia said in a formal review “…it is enlightening to find a self-help book for cancer patients that provides no-nonsense, easy-to-comprehend and achievable strategies and approaches that are flexible and able to be individualised…”

Karen M Meneses PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor & Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA endorsed the book as “A marvellous work chock full of practical information for cancer survivors!”

Life, Happiness… & Cancer is as inspirational as it is informative for patients – a highly credible and effective resource to complement medical treatments for best outcomes. It is unique in being written by an expert in the art and practise of emotional support methods who also understands the cancer patient experience better than most, having lived through the disease and copious treatments over 35 years.

Life, Happiness and Cancer is available from Amazon and other major online stores in both print and e-book formats.