Safe weight loss and the battle against obesity

The UK is now harbouring more obese people than ever before.  Childhood obesity can indicate weight-related problems later in life and adult obesity costing the NHS billions, putting pressure on resources more difficult to secure than in any period in its history.

Avoiding piling in the pounds in the first place is the healthiest way to live.  Piling on the pounds then dieting puts great strain on the heart and other vital organs.  A balanced diet along with plenty of exercise should be encouraged from an early age – which can be difficult as, these days, children are less likely to play out with their friends in favour of more sedentary and solitary activity with game consoles, virtual interaction through social networks and excessive time spent in front of the television.

Commit and start immediately. Talking about it is not the same as doing it. Give away anything from your fridge or store cupboard which is unhealthy and fattening – cheese, cream, chocolate, empty the bread bin of processed white bread and include the bag of sugar in the clear out – just by giving up those few spoons full a day in tea or coffee will make a significant difference, particularly noticeable in the first few weeks weight loss, as sugar offers no nutritional benefit and is just empty calories.

Seek support. Make sure that people close to you know that you are trying to get healthy and that you will want to avoid situations that will expose you to the temptation to indulge in rich, fatty foods or excessive alcohol consumption.  Find some exercise partners amongst your friendship groups – take up walking, start doing some team sports or maybe attend some classes.  As well as your friends and family supporting your new lifestyle, weight loss hypnotherapy can help you identify particular food associations. People have an emotional attachment to food, stemming from our early experiences with eating and we all react differently to food – for example, some people go off food when stressed, some comfort eat and turn to food at the worst times – late at night or even getting up to raid the fridge in the middle of the night.  The Therapy Lounge hypnotherapy clinics in London could be a source of support in changing the way that you think about food and change your approach to healthy eating to start enjoying food in the right quantities and at the right times, and make your diet more of a sustainable lifestyle choice than the binge and diet habits that result in unhealthily, and occasionally dangerously, fluctuating weight.

Plan ahead and have a target that is achievable without crash dieting.  Look to lose something like a pound per week and don’t worry if your weight loss starts out with a dramatic loss, and then slows down – this is normal.  The important thing is to make sure that all food groups are included, that the food you eat is fresh, unprocessed and try to enjoy the planning of meals, the preparation and the taste of healthy, simple food.