See the world in a different light with Ultralase

There is nothing that affects us quite so much as our eyesight depreciating. Anyone with bad eyesight will clearly remember the first time the optician told them they needed glasses, and getting used to those things on the front of your face takes some dealing with. However classy your glasses are, and whoever the designer of the frames is, you will never feel like you did before you were diagnosed with poor eyesight.

No wonder hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are throwing away their glasses and saying “thank goodness for Ultralase!” There are currently four Ultralase clinics in Ireland, Cork, Derry, Limerick and Waterford, and they all administer the high quality of care and expertise that Ultralase are famous for.

Ultralase are also the only laser eye surgery specialists who offer the amazing Ultra Elite, which is a hi-tech treatment which uses the revolutionary wavefront technology which has given 99% of patients 20/20 vision, and 100% have achieved the standard of eyesight required to drive without glasses. This treatment is available in all four branches of Ultralase Ireland.

Even if you have been told by your optician that you aren’t suitable, Ultralase Ireland estimate that they can in fact help 9/10 people who wear glasses with their sight problem. This is why they offer their initial consultations free of charge, so you lose nothing but may well end up with perfect eyesight again.

Log onto the Ultralase Ireland website to find out everything you need to know about the services on offer. You can even book your initial consultation online in just a few clicks. Laser eye surgery is here to stay, and Ultralase Ireland are way ahead of the field so go on, book your consultation today, you have nothing to lose but your glasses.