Specsavers, the dead cat and the hat

Such is the success of the advertising campaigns from Specsavers that they have coined a phrase used by most of us in every day life. A trip, or any kind of silly mistake which makes you look as if you are short sighted is invariably followed by a shout of ‘should have gone to Specsavers’. We have long giggles at their adverts, who can forget the old couple on the roller coaster, and the latest one is no exception.

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What Specsavers do in a light hearted and often very funny manner is get across a very serious message. We all need to get our eyes tested on a regular basis and by going to Specsavers you can find solutions to all your sight problems, be it through glasses or contact lenses, at very reasonable prices.  The latest ad is set at a vets, and sees a vet conscientiously and methodically examining an animal he strokes and calls Phoebe and checks her temperature.

He checks that his stethoscope is working on himself then shouts for his nurse that he has a cat with no pulse and needs adrenaline and an IV line straight away. Karen comes running in and stops dead, before picking up Phoebe and putting her on her head. The vet has been examining her hat and Phoebe the cat is shown waiting patiently on the table to be examined. Fun? yes, but nevertheless pointing out the mistakes that can be made by not getting your eyes tested and getting the visual aids you need.

Over the years, Specsavers have become one of the most respected names in the world of ophthalmology, and nobody now has too travel far to a branch. If you are struggling to see and its affecting your life do yourself and everyone else a favour, and book an appointment at Specsavers, and literally see the world differently.