Standing a lot while pregnant may stunt the growth of the foetus

New research has suggested that foetus’ could be stunted in their growth if women are standing too much when they are pregnant. The research has come out of the Netherlands by scientists working at the Erasmus Medical Centre. The study assessed nearly 4700 women in their early stages of pregnancy and the reason they were standing was usually because of demands in their jobs.

Nearly 40 percent of women involved in the survey said that they spent a long time standing because of their job and that nearly 50 percent did a lot of walking. The research has been published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine journal and the research showed that there was a direct correlation between head size and the amount of time that women were standing during pregnancy.

This suggests that while in the womb the babies grew at a slower rate because of the women standing. The study also suggested that there was a correlation between working hours and babies growth. They drew a correlation between women who were working 40 hours a week and babies with smaller heads. Women who were working part-time, around 25 hours a week, were shown to have babies born with a larger head.

It is generally accepted that working during pregnancy is a good thing for the baby as there is a general correlation between working and a reduction in birth defects and stillbirth. However this study highlights that there might be some correlation between some types of work and baby size.