Swine flu kills old lady after vaccination

Eleanor Carruthers, a 68-year-old grandmother from Merseyside, considered herself free of the threat of swine flu only to be taken by it last Saturday. She was confident because she had had the vaccination months ago.

She was already ill from lung cancer and emphysema. However, the vaccination for swine flu had been administered to her three months ago. She died at Royal Liverpool Hospital despite the fact that she had been inoculated. H1N1 is believed to be the major cause of her passing away.

Surviving her are her husband, Alf, 69, and her three children. One her daughters, Carole, 46, told reporters that they were floored at the speed of her decent toward death.

Carole went on, “We are all confused, since she had had the vaccine a couple of months ago. She was in a high risk slice of the population and it was highly recommended by the doctor. In fact, she was doing fine, but then Saturday morning her breathing fell apart. Everything happened so quick and then she was gone by night.”

“We had asked the doctor if I should stay away from her at News Year, since I was sick during this time with the flu. The doctor swore the shot would keep her safe.”

The NHS declares that the seasonal flu shot provides 75% flu protection. The World Health Organisation, the Department of Health, and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation all declare that the vaccination is quite effective and they strongly suggest high risk individuals guard themselves against the flu virus.

This news of Eleanor Carruthers follows on the heels of the release of figures indicating more than 110 people were killed by the flu from October, twice that reported count half a month ago.

From those, 95 were infected with H1N1 and most of these patients who passed away were of retirement age or older.