The Benefits of On-site Medical Supplies

Most companies have medical supplies available for employee and customer use in the case of accidents, injury or basic medical emergencies but some people do not realize the benefits of having an up-to-date adequately stocked medical kit. Every business has to have one, it is regulation but many people just pick up a few bandages, perhaps some pain relief cream, antiseptic cream and make that the extent of their first aid kits. There are some distinct advantages and benefits to keeping a full, well stocked, first aid kit on hand.

First aid is just that, the first aid medically rendered in an accident, emergency, or in the case of an injury. It is important that a kit have more than just plasters and creams. It is also a good idea that you have enough supplies to render first aid to all of your employees. When looking at standard first aid kits there are a few things to consider to ensure you have everything your employees are going to need to be safe and have a kit that complies with regulations.

The first step is to check to see how many people the first aid kit is designed for, find one that matches the size of your company. In some cases, as with a large corporation that might have hundreds of employees, consider first aid kits for catering for so many people. Next, consider the container. Many people buy standard first aid kits that are in thin metal cases, thin plastic bags or in a small plastic box.

Boxes on these types of first aid kits rarely stand up to any kind of everyday wear and tear and can be hard to keep neat and carry. Consider a case that is made of a hard impact resistant, durable plastic or metal. You always want to have an easy to use, solid handle to carry the kit. First aid kits are little help if they are not built to stay together.

Having a first aid kit also means keeping it updated. People use supplies and medications expire. It is important to check all your company’s first aid kits routinely and replace used supplies or those that have expired. Keeping your first aid kit up to date ensures that your employees have everything they need when they need it and you are ready to handle first aid in any emergency.

First aid kits are a workplace necessity no matter what the industry, whether you are working in supply or service, working to create goods or market them. There are benefits to having a kit that   has everything you need to render the necessary basic aid on a daily basis and in an emergency. A basic kit can be a great way to provide the foundation you need to create an industry specific kit tailored to your employees’ needs.

Having a first aid kit can bring a sense of relief during a crisis and show that you care about the well-being and health of your first aid trained employees by providing them with what they need to take care of workplace injuries.