The Chances Are… Calculator – New Health Calcultor from Lloydspharmacy

Lloydspharmacy has launched The ‘Chances Are… Calculator, a new web tool which allows people to work out how many of their work colleagues is carrying a sexually transmitted disease, drinks too much alcohol or is depressed, and designed to stimulate debate and make health risks more relevant by applying nationally representative data to the workplace.

The calculator asks visitors to provide information about the type of workplace they are employed in, along with the gender split and age profile of their workmates. It then raids its database to calculate how many colleagues have Chlamydia, how many men are likely to develop erectile dysfunction, how many are likely to suffer a stroke, how many have raised cholesterol, how many are hazardous drinkers and much more.

In many cases information is provided about the condition or the issue and guidance is provided about what can be done to reduce risk factors.

The calculator is available here –