The Colgate Interdental experience

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Everyone knows the name Colgate, and the dedication the company has to the dental care of the people of the UK. Their exemplary range of toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwashes and every thing else they produce should mean that we are a nation boasting gleaming teeth at all time. Constantly striving to make dental care easier and more effective, their latest inception is Interdental, a toothpaste that cleans your teeth to a level never before experienced outside of a dentist’s chair.

The Interdental experience consists of millions of micro particles that go into all those annoying crevices and spaces that your toothbrush can’t reach. The result being a level of cleanliness never previously reached and your teeth in such a good condition that you will be constantly smiling to show you off. Although teeth may look clean, it is the bacteria lurking that causes all the problems, and Interdental removes this thanks to the innovative way in which it works.

Their new TV ad, which can also be viewed online, demonstrates this is a way no words can. Billed as the ultimate clean for a healthier mouth, the new Colgate Interdental toothpaste is seen at work, with animated graphics showing how the micro particles are released and how they set to work on your teeth. A scale shows the bacteria disappearing as these particles do their job, and the smile on the girls face at the end when she runs her tongue along her teeth says it all.

We all know that feeling of having just cleaned our teeth yet they still feel gritty as if they need cleaning again. Colgate Interdental eliminates this entirely, so your teeth will feel cleaner, and your mouth fresher, than you ever thought possible. You have nothing to lose by trying out Colgate Interdental toothpaste and everything to gain, so pick yourself up a tube today.