The effects of corrective eye surgery

Over recent years, we have witnessed many discoveries and breakthroughs in the world of medical science. One of the areas that has made the greatest strides forward has been in corrective eye surgery, often referred to as laser eye surgery. The whole concept of correcting our vision with the zap of a laser would at one time have seemed like science fiction, but millions of people a year are now undergoing this procedure.

Losing our sight is just about the most debilitating thing we can suffer from, as apart from not being able to see, there is the psychological effects to consider too. The utter frustration of not being able to find your way around your own home, or pop down to the shops for example, have huge consequences on the way that we live our every day lives, and the chance to have short sightedness repaired and/or improved is life changing.

The procedures are becoming quicker, cheaper and more accessible to the masses all the time and due to the technological enhancements is viewed as the most risk free of surgical procedures. These latest techniques can not only improve the vision of those who are long or short sighted, or suffer from astigmatism, but can now also restore the vision of those who have suffered trauma and injury to their eyes.

In the days prior to corrective eye surgery, ophthalmologists altered the focus of an image before it could enter the complex mechanisms that make up the eye by prescribing glasses and contact lenses. With the modern surgery of today, it is the eye itself that is altered, thus eliminating the need for visual aids. Sportsmen in particular have benefited from this as many sports are impossible to play with either glasses or contact lenses.

Until only a few years ago, this kind of corrective surgery was really only available to those who had a hefty bank balance to cover the cost. As, inevitably, technology gets cheaper the more it is implemented, the price of this surgery is much more affordable, and with many speciality clinics offering tempting finance packages, more than ever are having this surgery done on their eyes and throwing away their glasses.

You no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to have these procedures done either, as clinics have sprung up across the nation offering this service. All of these clinics are staffed by fully trained professionals who have been trained in this speciality niche of eye care. This ready availability has changed many peoples perceptions of corrective eye surgery, and has opened up a whole new world of ophthalmic medicine.

The ability of these doctors to improve, renew and restore the sight of so many is improving their quality of life beyond measure. Driving, cooking, taking the dog for walks, playing with kids, these are the kind of everyday tasks that having good eyesight make so much easier. No more glasses steaming up when out in the rain or opening the cooker door, who knows where this fascinating field will take us next.

 Article for Ultralase