The new winter bug wreaks havoc

A new type of winter vomiting bug is threatening residents of Birmingham. One of the major hospitals in the area, Birmingham City Hospital, has closed its doors to visitors in order to stop the spread of this nasty infection. Many other hospitals have informed their patients and visitors that the new winter vomiting bug isn’t dangerous, but is certainly a tedious disease.

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust posted on its Twitter account: “Avoid visiting the hospital if you have been suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea in the past couple of days. Stay home, rest and consume a lot of fluids.”

The most recent figures released from the Health Protection Agency show that the norovirus can affect over 750,000 people in the UK. The infectious bug has become a major issue in the UK over the last couple of weeks.

So far, the agency has confirmed 2,630 cases of infection with the norovirus. The HPA added that the low number of cases doesn’t reveal the true condition of the problem. According to them, there are nearly 300 unreported cases for each one reported. This means that there might be nearly a million people affected by the virus.

The infection has become a major issue and many hospitals have closed some of their wards in order to limit the spread of the norovirus. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust released a statement saying: “Three wards of the City Hospital are closed due to the recent winter vomiting bug infection. Visiting hours have been cancelled and no visitors will be allowed in the facility.”

The norovirus spreads quickly, because it can be transmitted via contaminated objects or surfaces. This is why it can spread in entire hospitals and nursing homes in less than a week.