The public seem to be happy with the NHS after all

According to John Appleby, a professor and leading economist, the public’s satisfaction with the NHS has reached record highs he said writing on the BMJ website saying almost 2/3 of the people were either quite or very satisfied with the services of the NHS. With the public opinion at a high, some are questioning why the government is reorganizing the NHS.

The professor quoted from data from the British Social Attitudes Survey that shows that satisfaction is much higher than in 2001 when it was 39% and the highest since the survey started in 1983. Appleby of the King’s Fund think tank with the additional satisfaction by people, the NHS had to have done something right and some of that has to be because of the large rise in funding since 2000.

As part of healthcare reforms in England much of the NHS budget will be handed to GPs and satisfaction in the survey of GPs was also at a high of over 80% just under its peak of the 1990s. The Department of Health said they are happy and welcome the satisfaction by the public and said that the reforms will help empower the GPs and not the Bureaucrats.

The NHS needs to modernize now if it is to be sustained on the future was added as a called to halt the overhaul of the NHS came from the British Medical Association.

The Association stressing that you have to question as to why the government wants to embark on a costly and radical reorganization after these survey results have come out and taking into consideration the financial stress the NHS is under.

Appleby concluded that as the governments reforms are taking shape and the funding for NHS is squeezed Future British Social Attitudes surveys will reveal how satisfied the pubic is with the NHS and its services.