There’s certainly something inherently comforting and nurturing about bread

Advertising Feature for Hovis

“All sorrows are less with bread” said the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. There’s certainly something inherently comforting and nurturing about bread that few other foods can match. It is almost as old as humanity itself, dating back well over 10,000 years, and it has been the staple food of our country and culture since time immemorial: it appears in the Magna Carta, and has been the driving force behind major legislation and great social change.

But bread is much more than simply one of the world’s oldest prepared foods. It also offers a variety of delights to all our senses: the beauty of bread lies not just in its taste but in its aroma, its texture, its appearance and feel. It can be crisp and crusty or soft and floury. It can be brown, white, nutty, round. Slice it and you have a sandwich; heat it and you have toast; you can eat if for breakfast, lunch and even pudding!

Hovis understand bread’s versatility and its wonderfully rich history. Not only has Hovis been enjoyed by millions of people since it first started making bread 122 years ago, but it is still producing its original Wheatgerm loaf. Nowadays, of course, there is something for every taste, from Soft White to Wholemeal, from Granary to Hearty Oats and Seed Sensations, but what hasn’t changed in those 122 years is Hovis’s belief in three simple principles: natural production, great taste, and keeping healthy. It’s bread made the way that nature intended.

It’s why all Hovis loaves contain no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavourings, while their flour comes from 100 per cent British wheat supplied by over 600 British farmers. It’s why Hovis is constantly testing its recipes to make sure its bread remains packed full of flavour. And it’s why Olympic cycling gold medallist Victoria Pendleton starts her day with Hovis Wholemeal, which seems a rather compelling endorsement of its healthy attributes.

A world without bread would indeed be a sorrowful place. That’s why every slice of every loaf of Hovis bread is testament to a dedication to excellence that has made Hovis the most famous bakery in the country.

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