Tips for Making Your Home More Accessible

For people living with elderly, disabled or handicapped people, making sure that the house is accessible for them is a very essential matter. Creating an environment where everything in the house that they often utilise would be easy for them to reach is ideal. You do not really need to rearrange the whole house to achieve this. There are simple things you can do in order to make your home more accessible.

Making the doorways wider would be beneficial, especially for those that use wheelchairs. You don’t really need to knock down walls in order to do this. Just offsetting the hinges of the door adds up about 2 inches of extra space that could already mean a lot. If that is not enough, consider having the doorways widened even just on areas of the house that the elderly, disabled or handicapped person always uses.

Adding bedrails can also help your loved ones with mobility problems get in and out of their bed. It provides extra support when they need to get up and also when they are getting into bed and to lay down. You can also add grab bars in the bathroom to provide more security and convenience for people with mobility restrictions.

Another good idea would be to arrange the furniture in such a way that it is easy for people to move about. Removing rugs and any slippery surfaces would also be wise to avoid any accidents. If you have long hallways, adding a support bar that can be used to hold on to when walking would be a great idea.

If your house has several floors, it would also be best to have a stair lift or home lift fitted in the house. For most cases, stair lifts would be more economical and convenient. This would help an elderly or disabled person to move up and down the house without much difficulty and without requiring a lot of assistance from the people around them.

Stair lifts are actually very beneficial to have in a home. They don’t only provide ease and support to the person with mobility problems, but they also provide extra safety when going up and down the stairs. Unlike just assisting someone when using the stairs, stair lifts also are safer to use, for both the person with mobility issues and anyone who is assisting them. Stair lifts are well secured when installed to avoid any accidents when using it.

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