Tips not to have a bad hair day

Even the most glamourous among us have a bad hair day now and then. You wake up and your hair has its own ideas about how it wants to look. This can be frustrating as it often happens the one day when you want to look good. But never fear! Here are our top tips for making your hair look great every day of the week.

1. Go with what’s there

Sometimes the only thing to do when it comes to hair is to simply go with it! Have you woken up with lots of volume? Scrunch your hair up with a bit of mousse and work like you intended it. Similarly, many of us may get kinks in our hair overnight. Simply own it, like you’re into wavy hairstyles. Create extra waves with curling tongs and pretend that was what you wanted all along!

2. Wash and style your hair the night before

If you’ve got a busy day and want to make sure you look great, why not shower and style your hair thoroughly the night before. This means you can take your time and get it exactly right. Usually sleeping on your style shouldn’t make too much of a difference. There are some great dry shampoos you can use to spruce it up the next day and get that ‘just washed’ feeling.

3. Have an easy-to-manage style

One great way to reduce the amount of bad hair days you have is to get your hair cut into a style that’s less prone to trouble. Talk to your hairstylist about this when you’re next there and they should be able to advise on cuts that are less likely to give you grief. They may also give tips on what to do when your style isn’t looking quite right, from blow drying options to useful products.

4. Wear a hat

As much as you try and avoid it, sometimes bad hair days still occur and sometimes the only thing to do is to wear a hat! Have a few on hand which suit your facial shape and hair cut. Bring them out when your hair just needs to be hidden. Hats are a great alternative look and there are different styles whatever the season, so there’s always some way of making things alright.
Don’t stress about bad hair, there’s always something you can do. Embrace the wavy hairstyles, get a low-maintenance cut or simply wear a hat. Whatever you do, you’ll look great at work, on a night out and in any photos you take at a party!