Travellers with diabetes should make sure their condition is covered before jetting off

According to a recent study by ABTA 59% of those aged 55-64 are planning to take a holiday in the winter sun this year. With those travellers over the age of 40 having a much increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, and with more 3m people now diagnosed with this condition in the UK, the travel insurance specialists are urging those older travellers who have diabetes to make sure they are covered for their condition before they head off abroad for their winter or Christmas breaks, whether they are going for just a couple of days or a few months. is a travel insurance comparison site for people with pre-existing conditions, offering access to the largest choice of specialist travel insurers, allowing those with diabetes to compare insurers from the comfort of home, by completing just one question set regarding their condition. The site then provides a list of insurers that will offer cover at a competitive price, for example, the premium for a 56 year old insulin dependent diabetic travelling to Belgium for one week starts from £10.76.

Lauren Stovell, Business Development Manager at said: “Many people living with Diabetes Type 2 may fear that by declaring their condition when securing travel insurance, their premium will rocket or they will be denied cover altogether. These fears are largely unfounded. We offer access to a range of specialist insurers who can provide cover at competitive rates. It’s vital diabetics declare their condition when arranging travel insurance or they risk their policy being void if accident or ill health occurs prior to or while they are on holiday. It could end up as an unnecessarily costly and stressful situation. We also recommend that travellers taking regular medication check the wording of their policy to make sure it includes cover for loss of medication, as not all standard policies do.

“Some diabetics may have managed their condition for all of their lives and will be aware of the need to inform insurers, whilst others may have been recently diagnosed and may wrongly assume that their currently travel policy or the cover provided by their credit card will still cover them. The best idea is to research costs and any cover provided by existing insurance prior to booking your trip then securing cover the minute it’s booked. MedicalTravelCompared makes the whole process simple.”