Treating and Concealing Spots

Spots are part and parcel of life, nobody wants them, but chances are that you will suffer from them at some stage of your life. Below we have some tips on treating them, and concealing them.
What are spots, and how do we get rid of them?
Spots are part of a condition called acne, which according to the NHS affects around 80% of 11-30 year olds. Acne is generally considered to be more severe and widespread compared to spots, which people generally classify as a few break outs on the skin.

Spots are caused when a gland beneath our skin produces excess oil, this excess oil clogs up the hair follicles, and pores in our skin. This is more likely to occur during our teen age years as hormonal changes in the body makes us more likely to produce this oil.
Treating Spots
There are many treatments available to help you get rid of acne, or your spots. You should be able to find what you need at your local pharmacy or supermarket. If you find that your outbreak is severe then you should visit your local GP or a dermatologist. Look out for products that contain the following key ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil – This has been widely known to have healing properties, it is a natural antibiotic that helps to treat the bacteria that causes spots.

Witch Hazel – this is a strong anti-oxidant, and is useful in fighting acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide – this is usually the key ingredient in products that dermatologists and GP’s would first prescribe to you. It is available in varying strengths and is also available over the counter too.
Concealing Spots
For a master class in concealing your spots check out this video by teenager Cassandra Bankson. Cassandra shot to fame last year after posting this video, which has since had over 14 million views.

Cassandra suffers from severe acne, and over years of practice has learnt to conceal her acne troubled skin using various makeup products including foundations and primers.  As a result of this video she has since found work as model.
Avoid makeup- makeup contains oil, which as mentioned earlier, can make your spots worse. If you do choose to wear makeup use non pore clogging, and oil reducing products.

Purchase a concealer- these are great when you have the odd spot, nobody will even notice you are wearing them. You can pick one up from boots for £3-£4.