Wavy hairstyles for this season

Gone are the days of iron-straightened hair. Right now it’s all about the wave. Whether in sharp kinks or soft open curls, giving a bit of body to your hair is all the rage at the moment. Luckily, this wavy hairstyles trend can be adapted to suit any style. In this article we pick our four favourites for this season.

1. The long-haired bottom kink

Do you have long straight hair and usually like to keep it that way? To get onboard with the wavy hairstyles trend there’s no need to go all out and change your whole look. Why not simply flick up the bottom ends of your hair? This gives subtle volume while maintaining that controlled, straight style you usually love. The great thing about this option is that it can be easily adapted. Do you have lots of layers? You could create small waves at the bottom of each giving a highly textured look. Hair all one length? Do one big wave in an updated version of the seventies classic.

2. The Marcel Wave

This is an oldie, but a goodie when it comes to wavy hairstyles. You may have seen this look in fashion history images or pictures from the 1930s. This was the classic flapper hairstyle, with small sharply defined waves wrapping horizontally around the head. It’s a beautiful look, but takes a bit of effort. If you want to have a go search online for one of the many helpful tutorials.

3. Soft, loose curls

This is probably what most people picture when they imagine wavy hair. Long locks with loose curls running throughout. It’s a look that’s never going to go out of fashion, so if your hair naturally falls like this simply add some light conditioning product to define the wave and voila! If your hair is naturally straight use curling tones or a straightening iron to get the look. What’s great here again is that this will work for long and short styles, so don’t be afraid to get curling your bob.

4. Ruffled waves

In this style we have a more angular kink: less curl, more ruffles. This is a great casual look – the kind of laidback style that’s right for fairground photobooths and family days at the seaside. Try it out if you’re going on a first date and want to look effortlessly cute. Again, this works whatever your natural hair type. If you have curly hair, straighten first then use your tongs to fold over sections of the hair until you get this ruffled look.

These are our top wavy hairstyles. Whatever your natural do, get on trend and give them a go!