Ways to achieve a glowing complexion

Relaxation, sleep, a healthy diet, and water are important to having a glowing and clear complexion and works more effectively as compared to potion and lotions. There are a number of natural remedies to healthy skin that many would have never considered with spa therapists naming dehydration as the major skin problem that they have met so far. Water accounts for about two thirds of our total body weight with the slightest imbalance leading to mood swings, inelastic skin, and lethargy.

The Head of Curriculum at the South Downs College’s department of beauty and health, Lorraine Bettesworth, advises that it is much better to sip small amounts of water in the course of the day rather than taking in large amounts at a go, adding that in this manner, the former will do a better job of rehydrating the cells while the latter quickly goes through your system leaving no feasible results.

Therapists add that sleep deprivation tends to wreak havoc on your health with the effects showing itself on the nature of your complexion. It is recommended that one turns their bathroom in to their haven for privacy, warmth, and rest before going to bed. Lighting calming candles and using oils like sandal wood, jasmine, and lavender creates not only a relaxing mood but also a dreamy bath which is sleep enhancing.

In as much as a healthy diet is important for healthy skin, Lorraine adds it helps to remember that they not only provide the body with essential nutrients but also help to keep the skin hydrated. She also offers a few natural and cheap alternatives such as a mixture of sugar with virgin oil which makes an excellent hand scrub since it facilitates the easy removal of dead hard skin.