Weightlifting can reduce a man’s risk of developing diabetes

A new study has found that lifting weights will reduce the risk of men developing diabetes later in life as regular weight training actually decreases the chance of man developing diabetes by about 34% in optimal cases. Research also suggested that adding in aerobic exercise to a regular weight lifting programme such as running, biking, or brisk walking can also lead to great health benefits and an even lowered risk of developing the disease.

As part of the study researchers took a look at data that was compiled by the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study that took into account the lifestyles of 32,000 people. Included in the data was information on how much time men spent at the gym and participating in aerobic exercise. During the 18 year study period a total of about 2,300 men had developed Type 2 diabetes.

The men in the study were then sorted based on how much exercise they did a week and in particular how much weight training, and the more they pushed iron the lower their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes became suggesting once again that good exercise habits are the key to maintaining good health in the future.