Welsh IVF clinic in lost embryo scandal

An IVF clinic in Wales is in serious hot water after a couple who have been trying for a baby for over seven years were the victim of a cruel irony when the clinic inadvertently ‘lost’ lost the couple’s embryos.

The couple who can only be identified as Gareth and Clare have now taken out legal action against the clinic which is located within the Cardiff-based University Hospital of Wales following an admission by the health provider that they had misplaced the embryos just before they were due to be implanted in Clare.

Just last year the same clinic was at the centre of another controversy after a mistake led them to implant the last embryo available to a couple into the wrong woman. The hospital claims that this event is a recognised complication of embryo vitrification.

The procedure sees makes use of liquid nitrogen in order to store the frozen embryos which are then thawed in order to be implanted. This case is not good news for IVF clinics as it comes hot on the heels of the report on the BBC5 Live show that stated that official figures show that clinics in England and Wales had seen mistakes double in just one year.

Well respected broadcaster Donal Macintyre interviewed Clare who stated that she was minutes away from the transfer when she was informed by staff that she had only one of three embryos remaining as two of them had ‘gone missing’, and went on to say that they were certain that the acts of not been implanted into another woman.