What you need to know about clinical mistreatment

There are many different areas in which one may find themselves the subject of clinical mistreatment, but most of the time those who are the victims are unaware of the fact that they can launch a compensation claim in response.  In fact, if you ever feel that you have been mistreated within a medical institution then your first response should be the report the action and move forward with the aid of a lawyer to file a compensation claim.  In both England and Wales there is a three year time limit for filing any compensation claim so time is truly of the essence.

If you think that you, or someone close to you, has been the subject of clinical mistreatment there are three issues that you need to determine are the truth before proceeding with the claim.  First, you must look at the action or treatment of the medical authority and determine if it is possible to prove that the minimum standard of treatment was not given.  Then you must be able to prove that the medical or healthcare personal in question were responsible in the instance for the health and care of the patient.

After you ascertain that both are the above are possible to prove, you must compile all evidence that you have in your possession to prove that negligence on the part of the clinic or healthcare profession caused harm or injury so that you can file a compensation claim.  This can be tricky to do on your own, but the best way to accomplish this is by looking at how the illness should develop and how it should be treated and the following outcome.  By placing the normal outcome against the outcome of your case you can see if a compensation claim will be a success.

There are many reasons why people file compensation claims and for this reason it can help to have a lawyer’s opinion if you are unsure if a compensation claim is adequate for your case.  For instance, change of lifestyle, pain, suffering, costs of assistance, loss earnings both past and future, travelling expensive, cost of care, and other unexpected expenses can all be added into the total monetary amount that you seek to gain from a compensation claim if you feel that you have been the victim of clinical mistreatment.

As stated, in the UK you are given three years to file a compensation claim from the date that the said clinical mistreatment occurred although in certain cases the time line can be extended.  For instance, minors that are under 18 are not limited to a three year span but after their 21st birthday compensation for acts while a minor are not applicable for court.  Mental disabilities also extend the limitation period for filing a compensation claim since the patient is allowed until their mental capacity to return before the limitation starts to affect them.