Why you should always wash your hands properly

There are a number of reasons why bacterial infections can spread quickly and easily, but one of the best ways to prevent such an occurrence is via thorough and scrupulous hand hygiene routines. Thankfully, a growing number of amenities, buildings and workplaces are offering suitable washroom services to customers, employees, visitors and even passers-by.

If you are visiting such an establishment and you happen to need the bathroom, you owe it not just to yourself but to everyone else to wash your hands properly afterwards. If you fail to do so, you could be passing on an infection to others whenever you shake hands or even touch a door handle. It really is that easy to begin a process that could cause major issues.

Too many people make the common mistake of simply running their hands under a running tap, feeling perhaps that this is enough to remove germs from their skin. This will not do the job properly, however, so a great deal more care is needed, especially if you happen to be in a location which is used by plenty of visitors over the course of any given day.

Remember, it’s not just about using a splash or two of water

Thorough cleaning requires soap as well as water, and plenty of hand-generated agitation. You need to ensure you scrub thoroughly as you wash, rubbing your hands and fingers together throughout the whole process. If the washroom is fitted with a hand santiser soap dispenser, so much the better because the liquid can be accessed with just one touch.

There was a time when public washrooms were equipped with a standard towel for drying the hands, but this would often become a breeding ground for bacteria. In recent years, owners of washing facilities have thankfully come to realise that a powerful electric hand dryer is far better suited for more effective drying and, of course, fewer risks of infection.

Whether you are heading to the loo when you are at work or you are visiting a public washroom in the local high street, you need to do all you can to stop that visit becoming a danger to you and other people. The best way to do this is to make sure you have a set routine that you are able and willing to follow every time you need to use the bathroom.