Why you should introduce oats to your diet

Do oats feature in your daily diet? With hundreds of studies[1] that document the benefits of oats, it could be worth having a good look at your diet and seeing where you can substitute oats and the assorted advantages.

The regular consumption of this fantastic and powerful food as part of a healthy diet has many well-known health benefits and it seems probable that it provides many more still that we haven’t discovered yet.

The benefits of the regular consumption of oats are so manifest that it could well be worth making the extra effort to include them in your diet, through porridge, granola or muesli, or through baked goods like oat bread, flapjack or certain cereal bars. Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look at just some of benefits of incorporating oats into your diet.

Lowering cholesterol

A research team at Colorado State University conducted a study which revealed that eating a daily portion of oats reduces concentrations of dangerous LDL cholesterol.

This is because oats contain beta-glucan. This is a soluble fibre found in highest concentrations on the outer layers of the oat grain – so you’ll find it in cereal bars and dishes that use whole oat grains, like porridge.

Beta-glucan can help reduce cholesterol in the body due to the way in which it works. As it is a soluble fibre it can be dissolved and absorbed during digestion.

In the digestive tract it forms a sort of gel which binds cholesterol and cholesterol-like substances together. This occurs within the gut and can prevent these substances from being absorbed into the body, thus lowering overall cholesterol levels.

The gel produced by the soluble fibre and the substances it binds together are then treated as waste products by the body and excreted.

One of the top tips offered by Herat UK when considering introducing oats into your diet to benefit from beta-glucan is to begin your day with a bowl of oat-based cereal but you can also use cereal bars and introduce oats in other ways – such as adding a spoonful to fruit smoothies to accompany your breakfast.