Will writing: the importance of being prepared, whatever happens

The importance of will writing is important for anyone. After all, you never know what lies around the corner. While a lot of people think it’s the least of their family and friends’ worries as to where their estate is divided upon their death, it can actually make proceedings much more stressful after they have passed away.

This is mostly due to wranglings involving burial or cremation costs, as well as other serious technicalities such as property processing, legal fees and anything else involved in the splitting of assets. Most people will happily shrug their last testament off as a simple picking and choosing of where personal tidbits and bric-a-brac will go, but a brief glance at one’s possessions will reveal there is so much more to sort out than that; bank accounts, savings, everything. Now that online wills are becoming the norm for many people wondering how to address this important issue, it seems like there’s no easier way to deal with one’s estate.

It’s easy to see how much turmoil a death can throw people into, especially when it’s so public. The recent passing of Amy Winehouse, the deep contralto singing superstar, underlined how will solicitors were suddenly thrown into action to work with the musician’s huge estate. As family, friends and millions of fans grieved for Amy, it was understood that her assets were somewhere in the region of £10 million, putting her firmly on the Sunday Times Rich List.

Soon after her death, the Daily Mail put forward the notion that probate solicitors had done much of the star’s work as part of her record deal, which was largely governed by Island. While it was understood that her wealth would be divided relatively equally between mother Janis, father Mitch and older brother Alex, it was asserted that her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil would be entirely cut out of it, as per her demands. Without a redraft, it could have been much different and may have led to explosive tension between those linked with Amy over the years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, an unnamed close friend of Miss Winehouse underlined how she had finally got her act together following years of drug and alcohol abuse, particularly due to the tumultuous two-year marriage she had to 29-year-old Blake, who is now in prison. Undoubtedly looking back on her representation of large parts of the stormy relationship as told through song on her 2006 smash hit album Back To Black, her friend told the newspaper: “Around the time of the divorce, all of Amy’s finances were sorted out – and Blake can’t get his hands on any of it. I am pretty sure that Amy does have a will. As a matter of course with record contracts, financial advisers will make sure that is done.”

Indeed, legal issues are still proceeding as to the division of Amy’s money, highlighting just how important it could be to have a look at writing wills online. You could save your family a lot of additional heartache by dividing your assets as you see fit, allowing them to remember you for whatever you were – whether that’s a superstar singer, or the man or woman they loved for just being themselves.


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