Winter sweets now available from Uncle Joe’s

Back in stores with an updated look, Winter Nips and Herbal Cough Drops, from Uncle Joe’s Favourites range are the perfect warming remedy this winter.

Although we all know that there is no cure for the common cold, however, Uncle Joe’s has a range of natural remedies that can help to give you a lift this winter.

There are 2 flavours to coose from, the herbal cough drops and Winter Nips.

Herbal Cough Drops

Packed full of flavour, these traditional sweets contain 10 natural herbs and spices that are guaranteed to warm the senses and sooth a tickly cough.

Winter Nips

Despite being small in size, Winter Nips pack a soothing punch!  These traditional black hard boiled sweets contain a unique blend of 10 natural herbs and spices that will clear your nasal passages and help you to breathe more easily.

Uncle Joe’s Favourites are a delicious reminder of how sweets used to taste. William Santus and Co. Ltd has been making sweets since 1898, using traditional manufacturing methods and 100% natural ingredients.

Uncle Joe’s Herbal Cough Drops and Winter Nips can be purchased at the new online sweet shop, which also stocks a complete range of retro sweets, including Dolly Mixture, Bon Bons, Liquorice Cream Rock, Strawberry Fizzers, Nut Brittle and Winter Candy, all of which come hand packed in traditional sweet bags.  They are available to but from many supermarkets.