Winter vomiting virus affecting thousands

Health Protection Agency is concerned about those 70000 patients who have been infected by norovirus winter vomiting bug. This indicates a terrible increase in the spread of the infection with over 52 per cent more cases when compared to the records of last year.

The upsurge of this contagious disease could be risk for the pubic health that has put all medical agencies over the edge, including HPA. All hospitals reports seem to revealing a shocking truth about nasty outbreaks of winter vomiting bug. Many people that hospitals are representing a trivial increase in the infection, many believe that matter has become worse than what it seems right now.

Records are showing a fraction of breakout, in real, a lot of patients even haven’t approached any doctor for consultancy. This is bothering all medical professionals. Virus can spread very easily. If patients aren’t treated on time, virus will find a gateway to infect more victims.

Since July, hundreds of winters vomiting bug cases have been reported and now their intensity is mounting up with the passage of days. The number will rise slowly and this speculation is strong to prove it right. The laboratory date for England and Wales hasn’t analyzed yet. The picture of outbreak is likely to become apparent after the evaluation of reports.

Norovirus winter bug starts off in the winter season, as per rule. But it has emerged earlier than usual this year and is causing terrible ordeals to the patients. Few notable symptoms of disease are headaches, vomiting, and severe diarrhoea. Many people suffering from the condition aren’t seeking medical help and it is going to make condition worse than before.

The infection has a tendency to spread and survive for a long time period. The virus can reside within the body and even outside the body without any hassle. Weather condition, temperature, and material it is present on can determine the lifetime of a virus and duration of the survival.

In a tank of contaminated water, it can last for several years without ado. The infection is life-threatening and painful especially for children and adults. Considering medical help is essential to keep it at bay, or else it will spread silently throughout the winter.