Woman donates her uterus to her 25 year old daughter

Eva Ottosson has agreed to participate in a groundbreaking new medical procedure. If successful it could mean that she donates her uterus to her 25 year old daughter Sara. Doctors hope that if there is a successful transplant that Sara who was born without reproductive organs could get pregnant, carry the child in the same womb from which she was carried in by her mom and born.

The complex transplant it is hoped will take place as early as the spring in Sweden where the Gothenburg doctors have been doing assessments on suitable patients for the new revolutionary procedure.

Mrs. Ottosson runs a lighting business in Nottingham and she says she and her daughter are very rational and they both believe all it is, is just a womb. My daughter is in need of one and if I am the best donor so be it let’s do it. She said her daughter needed it more than her since she has had two daughters and has served her well.

In 2000 the only previous womb transplant took place when a woman who had lost hers due to a haemorrhage was donated one from the womb of a 46 year old. Nevertheless the recipient developed infections and had the womb removes after only three months.

Since that time knowledge of the procedure has improved and a team in Gothenburg believe they are now at the stage to they can perform the transplant successfully. Sara has a condition called Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome where she was born without a uterus and only some parts of the vagina. It affects one in 5,000 people.