Women aged 30 now may well live to be 100

Worrying about turning 30 should no longer be an issue in the UK as new figures suggest that  in 2066 over a half million people with be 100 years old or more. Women lead the way in the race for longevity, with 33% reckoned to be in with a chance of making it to 100, while men have only a 25% chance of making it to triple figures.

Young people in their 20s have three times the chance of seeing 100 than their grandmothers and they are 50% more likely to make it to 100 than their parents in their fifties. These comparisons highlight the great differences between life expectancy rates between the different generations, says Steve Webb the Pensions Minister. The high speed at which life expectancy is rising makes most of us have to have a radical rethink about what we can change in our lives to live longer.

Public spending, however, is facing disaster with the aging population with workers already being told by Government they must delay their retirement until they reach their 70s as part of the state pension shake up. The law forcing retirement at age 65 is being changed by the Coalition Government, giving those in employment the option of working into to their 70s and possibly even their 80s.