Women And Plastic Surgery: Is It Only A Confidence Issue?

With the current financial climate you might have expected that the last thing people want to spend their money on is cosmetic surgery, but you would be wrong.

Figure released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) at the beginning of the year revealed that the uptake for a number of sol-called vanity procedures is on the rise, with Breast Enlargement surgeries up more than 10 per cent on the previous year and the number of eyelid lifts carried out increasing by seven percent.

So what is it that drives our hunger for these procedures – and why are more and more women putting themselves through the pain of surgery in pursuit of the perfect appearance?

Plastic Surgery Motivation

Some experts argues that the motivation behind plastic surgeries is on that is serious and psychological with women who are bothered by a physical imperfection suffering a lack of confidence as a result – but the truth is that not all surgeries can be down to debilitating confidence issues, otherwise even more procedures would be authorised on the public purse.

Many of the women who are going under the knife are doing so simply because they can, because, given the option between a pert bust and one that belies the children they have born and life they have lived, they are choosing the better looking breasts.

Would they suffer terribly if they did not undergo the procedure? In many cases no, however in a society that tells us we can have whatever we want as long as we can pay for it, surgically enhanced assets are just another consumable.

And it is not all about perfection either – women are seeking the advice and intervention of plastic surgeons, not simply because they believe their natural attributes are under par or unattractive, but because they feel they do not fit in with the latest physical fashions.

Buttock implants, for example, have seen a rise in popularity as the fashion for a particular size and shape of posterior become prevalent, with women who are already sporting perfectly fine behinds seeking a boost in order to be able to fill out  and look their best in the latest styles.

Tips for Those Considering Cosmetic Surgery

Whether it is confidence or preference that motivates women to seek out the help of a cosmetic consultant there are a number of things that any woman considering a surgical procedure should take into account before committing to surgery. Steps that should be followed include:

Finding a BAAPS approved surgeon and practice
Researching the procedures, possible complications and long term maintenance of any surgical procedure – you may be able to afford it today, but can you afford to keep it maintained in the long term?
Seeking a consultation with a qualified practitioner rather than just a salesperson before consenting to be cut.
Researching the chosen surgeon’s track record, asking for contacts of previous patients willing the share their experience.

No one considering a cosmetic surgery should feel pressurised into committing and all potential patients should take time to consider the pros and cons before signing that consent form.