Women should delay their pregnancies after having weight loss surgeries

Women should not try to have a baby within a year of having weight loss surgery, according to experts. Expecting a baby is less complicated and safer after surgery than having a baby when the women are obese but it is strongly prescribed to not to get pregnant within the next 12 months of the surgery.

The percentage of obese women of childbearing age will be about 28% by 2015. Weight loss surgeries are recommended by the national guideline and gastric bypass, or gastric band, is the common methods of this kind of surgery. Patients need to have a BMI index of 40kg/sqm or more to have these surgeries.

According to the researchers, women getting pregnant after 12-18 months of their weight loss surgeries would not have any special complications and one study has revealed that 79% of these patients would not face any problems at all.

However, surgical complications could occur as the gastric band could move or slip during the pregnancy period and another study has found that 24% of pregnancies have faced band leakage. Women getting pregnant after having bariatric surgeries should be under constant surveillance by a team of professionals.

The patients should also be provided with necessary information and advice on getting pregnant, proper nutrition and vitamin supplements. If they try to get pregnant before the above-mentioned time period, they will be have a higher chance of miscarriage. A study revealed that 31% of women getting pregnant within 18 months of their surgeries had a miscarriage, while the rate was only 18% for those getting pregnant after 18 months.

Therefore, it is extremely important for the women to remain cautious of the risk of pregnancy related with obesity. They should consult with their physicians in order to get the necessary information about preventing the potential damages. With a pregnancy involving the lives of two persons, it should be treated with utmost importance.