Work worries drive Brits to drink, drugs and depression

A new study is showing that work is now the most common worry for British people, over even money or health, which in turn leads many to drugs, alcohol and depression, all of that according to mental health experts who published these results.

Over one third of adults said that their workplace is the most stressful part of their daily lives, which leads them to make some big changes in their lifestyle to cope with this renewed pressure. 60% of respondents said that they drink after work and 14% admitted to drinking even during work.

The survey covered 2,000 adults and was done for the charity Mind. Paul Farmer, CEO of Mind, said that work related mental problems were becoming an issue very important and too crucial for businesses to ignore. The results show employees are undergoing a high stress level at work which in turn impacts their mental and physical well being.

They know that 17% of workers are experiencing some type of stress, anxiety or depression, yet results show that managers don’t conduct enough training to deal with it, and they don’t offer guidance or flexible hours.

Mind tries to improve mental well-being through various programmes, and think that companies who offer incentives for people to have a better mental health will reap the benefits down the line. The organisation also said that workplace stress leads an increased number to have suicidal thoughts, while many display some symptoms of anxiety or stress in public.

In response to that, many have started to use stress relieving techniques such as sleeping tablets, antidepressants or even smoking. In the end, 19% of respondents said that they have left work at some point in order not to face the stress at the workplace.