Your Food and their introduction to The Fine Art of Dining

Across the nation, Brits are developing a growing appetite for the joys of eating at home. As well as being cost effective, whipping up homemade delicacies also gives foodies a chance to get creative, learn new skills and fashion delicious and healthy meals. The Fine Art of Dining is helping the nation get to know their kitchens with a series of Cooking Master Classes covering a comprehensive range of areas to suit every palate. From classic cuisine, Sunday lunch, Mediterranean and French to pastries, RAW to plate and chocolate, students leave with the skills and confidence to prepare their very own culinary masterpieces and provide for a wealth of kitchen ideas.

Changing attitudes towards eating

Thanks to a growing national appreciation for fresh ingredients, healthy food and home cooked meals an increasing number of Brits are rekindling the love with their kitchens. Retail analyst group Conlumino recently revealed that over 60% of the population had baked at least once in 2013, compared with just 33% in 2011. A study from Statista revealing that 82% of Brits believe that it’s important to spend time over dinner as a family while Nielsen unveiled that 25% of UK consumers are now willing to pay more for organic foods. These trends indicate that the nation is beginning to develop a new found awareness for the benefits of fresh food, natural tastes and traditional cooking techniques. The Fine Art of Dining is on a mission to galvanise these sentiments and reintroduce modern households to the benefits of homemade meals.

Everyone’s welcome!

For corporate clients on the search for a unique team building exercise or reward, Cooking Master Classes are a fantastic option. Large venues and discounts for repeat clients are up for grabs which makes the classes a great perk for any workplace.

Thought cooking was just for the ladies? Think again! According to Esquire modern attitudes are seriously transforming, with 14% more gents throwing on aprons than in 1965. Whether men want to wow their sweetheart with a romantic meal for two or put together a hearty family spread, a Fine Art of Dining Cooking Master Class is just the ticket.

An exclusive chance to learn celebrity endorsed skills

Fronting the classes is celebrity chef Damian Wawrzyniak. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table including experience at Copenhagen’s two Michelin star fine dining restaurant Noma, TV appearances and live shows at the International Food Event, Speciality and Fine Food Fair and Speciality and Chocolate Fair. The Cooking Master Classes are an exclusive opportunity for students to tap into Wawrzyniak’s expertise and learn their very own professional culinary techniques.

Flexible classes for contemporary cooks

Taking part in Cooking Master Classes is as easy as booking a place and turning up at the allocated venue. The Fine Art of Dining provides all equipment including ingredients, aprons, professional knives and specialist tools such as sous vide and smoking guns.

Depending on individual preferences students can choose to enrol in one on one sessions or cook side by side in a group of up to 12. Classes can be held at a variety of locations to suit individual needs. From personal homes to large rented venues, the possibilities are endless.